From Beyond the Gash (2015)

by Black Bloc

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released November 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Black Bloc Fredonia, New York

Emotionally devastated heavy electronics.

pro action.
anti hope.

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Track Name: From Beyond the Gash
Grant me deliverance
deliver me from this dismay
grant me your light
let me bask in your patience
just let me heal some of these wounds

Grant me this, that you're not a dream
and if you are may I never wake
for I have found this life too hard
to traverse by myself

Grant me deliverance
from this borderline curse
beg in vain, dispell the confusion
beating on my heart
just one day dry the river of instabillity
for I promise to fill it with my tears

grant me light
deliver me from this dark
for I am scared of that which I cannot see
let me feel your outstretched fingers
oh, please show me that you are there

And if you're not
please grant me deliverance
from this life of pain
for I know I dream know more
nightmares left in their stead

Deliver me from this longing
deliver me
exorcise from me these demons
deliver me